Nikkin Flux prove our customers with usefule products and information.

We will continue to work to satisfy expectations of all our customer by using our network and ackowledge.

Commodity "Subsidiary Material for Casting, Equipment for Molten Metal Treatment and Analyzing "
・Flux for Aluminum Alloy
・Coating Material
・Mother Ingots for Component Adjustment(Si・Mg・Sr・Ti-B)
・Gas Content Test Under Low Pressure Solidification "Pin Hole Tester"
・Gas and Inclusion Measurement Equipment : "Volcester/BB tester"
・Flux Feeder
・Degassing Equipment : New Alpure
・Carbon avd Ceramic Products
・Equipment for Inclusion Inspection (PoDFA Testing Machine)
・Analysis equipments(Vocalmass,Brethmass)
・Radiation Measurement Instrument
We deal other casting related equipment and products. So please do not hesutate to contact us.


Company Information

President President and CEO Soichiro Omachi
Capital JPY 10,000,000
Date of Establishment Mar 1st, 1956
Plant 1651 Kamekubo, Fujimino, Saitama, Japan
Head Office 3-12-19 Asahicho, Nerima, Tokyo, Japan
Business Manufacturing and selling of chemical material related to nonferrous metal's melting/cating.
Manufacturing and selling of melting/casting related product. Inspection and analysis.
Major Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Narimasu Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitusubishi UFJ, Ltd Nerima Station Branch
Mizuho Bank Narimasu Branch

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