Mobile Radiation Measuring Instrument "PMT-2000 on Vehicle" (Inspection Service)

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Characteristic: Radiation measuring instrument for soil, water and food.
PMT-2000 can measure the radiation in high speed, high precision, and onsite,
even if the area where radiation dose is very high.

Conventional high precision radiation measurement is required to send the sample to third party laboratoly and need to wait the result a few days or weeks. Therefore decontamination work, road construction, loading of seafood at the port were blocked their field operation.

PMT-2000 on Vehicle is installated the radiation measurement instrument on the vehicle. So PMT-2000 makes field inspection available and remove the bottleneck of your field operation.
PMT-2000 applied special radiation shielding application to avoid the impact of high radiation dose area. This special radiation shielding technologies was developped by Nikkin Flux with technical supervised by Japan Atomic Energy Ageny (JAEA). Based upon this technologies, PMT-2000 can measure the radiation quickly and accrurately in the area where has high radiation dose. For example, mesurement of radiation Cs volume in food takes about one (1) minutes, in case of 2L sample, area radiation dose: 2.5μSv/h and standard radiation: 100Bq/kg.

Measurement limites of different areal radiaion dose.
Measurement limit Measurement limites means lowest detaction level of radiation.
If radiation detection level is lower, then that equipment can be measure as much as possible.
*Measurement limit can be change depends of the field enviroment, test samples, and energy of inspection.

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