We would like to introduce some technology of our company.

Technology of Molten Aluminum Treatment

 Aluminum is very active, and its cleanness effects the percentage of defect-free product directly.
 so our company has improved the technology for treating the molten metal and keeping them clean, since its foundation in 1956. Below is a brief explanation of our technology.

1.Cleaning of Molten Metal by Flux Treatment

Role of Flux
 Molten aluminum contain not only an alloy, but an oxide, an intervening substance, hydrogen gas and an alkali metal. To remove the impurities, Flux is used in genaral. Flux can adsorb the substance which could cause defect, and remove them from molten metal. We can provide various flux lineup according to purposes and properties of molten metal.

Method For Adding Flux
 The method for adding flux is also impotent for the quality improvement of molten metal. Even if you add the flux and agitate simply, you can obtain a certain of effect. However it may happen some defects such as low reaction efficiency and smoke generation. And so we manipulate apparatus for injecting flux into molten metal by using inert gas as carrier. the use of Flux Feederallow to improve the reaction efficiency and prevent smoke.

Ingredient and Property of Flux
 Aluminum alloy flux consists of alkali metal(ex.Na, K), alkali earth metal(ex.Ca, Ba, Mg), aluminum, chlorine compound(ex.Si) and fluorine compound. Please see here for more information of ingredient and property.

2.Molten Metal Cleaning by Degassing Treatment

Degassing Treatment
 Degassing Treatment carry out for removing hydrogen gas which is generated in melting process and mixed in the molten aluminum. In order to prevent shrinkage cavity defect, the gas need to be taken away.

Method of Degassing Treatment
 By inserting inert gas bubble, we can remove hydrogen gas capable of most effectively. Gas partial pressure help to absorb Hydrogen gas. and the use of Degassing Equipment is essential for the effective treatment.
 Below is the general structure of the equipment. Inert gas is spread to an entire molten metal by rotating type mixer while suppressing generation of oxide without waving the level of molten.

3. Molten Metal Quality Evaluation

Method of Molten Metal Quality Evaluation
 after molten aluminum treatment, we need to grasp the result , concretely which means its cleanness, so as to be useful for the quality evaluation.
 the cleanness was conventionally checked by sight, but this method sometimes cause dispersion according to an artificial factor. thus, it is necessary for the molten quality control to use an inspection apparatus capable of performing evaluation readily and with high accuracy. we measure effectiveness of molten treatment by various method and apparatus according to each purpose.

Flowchart of Aluminum Alloy’s Melting and Casting

Chart summarized the molten treatment of aluminum alloy.
Please confirm the suitable treatment to your case with this chart.


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